Redwood Leadership helps determine which career direction to take and develop actions to get there. With two decades in Corporate America, I have a thorough understanding of culture, changes and leadership development.

Whether you’re stuck, desire a big change Redwood Leadership structures a program just for your needs.

Email me at or click the link below to book an appointment or a 20 minute complimentary session.


New Role, New You

Three Sessions


Ideal for Corporate job hunters with 2-30 years of experience, someone who hasn't looked for a job in awhile or their network is stale. I'll get you to be able to articulate what you want to anyone who can help you find that next job. You've got the skills, it's time to shine.

Includes: Linkedin/Resume branding, Linkedin and in person networking, Coaching on what you want and articulating it.

*expires in 3 months


Boundary Builder

One 90 Minute Session


Ideal for someone with a goal, who wants to get started on a call but is stuck. Learning to set boundaries will help you meet your goals. What's the best case or the worst case if you say no to what's not on your priority list?

Includes: a walk through of your week, time blocking ideas


Happy Birthday to Me 

Three Sessions


Ideal for anyone with a major birthday re-evaluating life and work.

Includes 3 sessions of deep coaching on what's next, a matrix of which option aligns to your values and vision, creating action steps to get there. Also included, emails and texts between sessions.  

*expires in 3 months


On Call Coach

One Emergency 30 Minute Session


I don't make house calls but I know there is often an emergency at work or home and you need a 3rd party to talk you through your issue.


Milestone Moments

Two Sessions


Ideal for re-evaluating your career after a life change (a move to a new city, marriage, sick parent, kids) or a work milestone  (org change, layoff, toxic boss) - experienced person wanting next big jump or a bigger move but has experience.

Includes: Text support between calls, tools from my tool kit and guided visualizations

Ideal for someone doing HUGE work, can handle homework and has at least a sense of what they want to do next or their priorities


For Students Only

Two Sessions


Ideal for college junior and seniors getting your first internship or job.

Includes: 2 sessions on how to cold network, leveraging your experiences and following up confidently to get the first job, text support  before interviews.

*expires in 2 months