Saggy Sugar Face & Milestones

You might be wondering why a career and performance coach is suddenly writing about a saggy face?

This week, while driving to volunteer a Nora’s school, I listened to a Goop Podcast about gut health and what it does to your skin. I don’t even know what a naturopathic DR and Aesthetician combo means, but Nigma Talib meant ‘gut’ business. She calims that she’ll look at clients and see a ‘sugar face’! Is that me?, I asked my rear view mirror while driving down the hilly side road. Talib went on to share that someone’s gut lined with nasty sugar and not whatever nature wanted in the first place, your face says it all. This started me down a research rabbit hole on hormones, 40s, sugar, gut and what the hell do to next.

At major milestones in our lives, we tend to have physical reactions. At your wedding, you might have anxiety, sweat, weight loss with stress. Leaving for college makes people gain or lose weight. When you turn 30 you might have a sudden burst of career energy and work late every week. And then there is 40, raising two young girls, my body is slowing down and craving the worst level of dark chocolate at 10.30pm and 2.30 pm.

Forty has meant night sweats, going to bed at 9.30, not being able to wake up early to start coaching and the worst part, more sugar cravings than EVER before. It’s like my body is a blinking neon sign saying, “things have officially changed!”

Just like every milestone before I wonder:

  • Am I alone?

  • Is this strange?

  • Am I normal?

  • How do I get help?

  • Who gets me?

  • Who will listen?

I know I’m not alone based on the podcasts and info on hormones and gut work. I love the support @grace_acupunture has given me on my hormones, body and anxiety. Rachelle and Christian @fotosybcp have set up a 6 week plan for me to detox. It’s working. More on that next week.

Lynn Mull