Year of No // Interview with Erin Claire Jones, Human Design Leadership Coach!Only by saying No can we be available for the right thing.

Friends, meet Erin! I followed after ‘meeting’ her on IG a few months ago.

Have you heard about human design?   Erin is a Leadership Human Design Coach who works 1:1 or in groups. Human Design is a modality that takes your place of birth, time of birth and location to share information about your way of creating, living and best ways to communicate.

There are five main types - Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors.Erin is a Projector herself. I’m a Manifesting Generator!

Human Design gives us permission to be who we are. What a better way to get closer to your No’s and your Yes moments. I spoke with Erin on a sunny winter day about how we can use your No in each one of the HD categories.  She has brought a modality to companies that has never been done before. I love meeting innovators, especially on the East coast!

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In 2019 I’m working to understand patterns in saying no, specifically how it FEELS to say NO. I do not want to keep agreeing to do things and saying yes out of guilt. Instead I’m examining how boundaries will help me to show up for my priorities differently.

This is why I came to work with Human Design. It’s a tool to help us make decisions everyday. There is always a balance of ‘what are we available to do and what are we doing that we should be saying no to.’ So many of my clients overextend themselves. If you use Human Design, there are several aspects that that fuels decision making.

My human design profile [Erin is a Projector] does better in decision making when I’m giving myself time to reply. So many times I say yes and wake up the next morning and think, ‘it’s no longer a yes.” My immediate reaction, in the moment, can be a yes. But then I realize that’s no longer correct. I tend to overdo things, say yes when I mean no, go go go...

Like many of us, I want to say yes to all of the things, opportunities, events.

How do you help groups find boundaries? This is such a cool concept to bring to the workplace.

It’s wonderful to bring Human Design to a team in a collective way. It’s so important for people to work together well. If we are in a meeting or making a work decision, we should feel confident in our gut reaction, “this feels right or it doesn’t”. That should be enough. If it’s not a full body yes, it’s not a yes right now. Remember, you might say yes in the future. What’s critical in the moment, is how I respond today to my teammate?

What are the biggest roadblocks to no for people or teams?

People have a really hard time saying no. They fear offending the other person if they say no. We don’t realize we say yes when we mean no, it doesn’t serve them or us. Only by saying No can we be available for the right thing.

How would you define No is a positive.

No means boundaries. I just starting calling them positive boundaries. That was intentional as a way to set positive boundaries is a way us for me to insure we can show up for the opportunities we are part of. Boundaries are a way to take care of yourself. It’s a way to plan to make distinctions between other people, just your kids, Lynn.

I’m getting pulled into too many things, to set myself for success.

What’s one way to check in with yourself if you should say yes or no?

So many people do a gut response to see what their answer should be. Everyone of my clients knows what a ‘yes’ feels like in their gut or their entire body.

You have to surrender to what you are feeling in your gut! Sometimes I feel like I should no, but I say yes, but my body isn’t giving me the energy. If you respond to the shoulds, you don’t have the energy for the event.

Showing up with low energy or negativity is worse than not showing up at all! What do you recommend for those in corporate careers who have been getting their guts or ignoring them? How can they use the gut to set boundaries at work?

My experience is bringing Human Design to Corporate teams. When I run an HD report for them, I’m sharing what they already know about themselves but perhaps what they don't honor.

Last week, I was with 50 people in a group who worked for the same company. One on one, I walked them through their human design. More than anything, didn’t resist their design. I’m often giving them permission for validity.

In Human Design we aren’t supposed to make decisions with our minds but instead our bodies.  Human Design focuses on the deeper authority from our birth chart.

I can remember the times I followed my gut and how well things turned out. If my clients experiment with No from their gut and a pause, and see what what happens, it’s a great test.

What’s your advice for someone looking to can get more comfortable with saying No?

Listen to your gut response! It’s very visceral, a knot or a full body buzz. Listen to your body opening up. You can hear in your voice. If you ask anyone, they know what it feels like when you body is hearing something that is a Yes.

If you are stuck, just start with simple things like ‘what will you eat’?

This is why I LOVE Human Design, it’s so practical! You use it for how to spend our time, who to spend time with. Start with those smaller questions, practice there before you ask yourself bigger questions!

How should someone start out with leveraging Human Design to say no or set boundaries at work or home? .

Look up, date, time, place of birth on to know what you are!

You will get a report and your time. The challenge with human design is the complexity of it. I have an offering coming up that will specifically align to the inner authority how you make decisions based on your type.

Lynn Mull