Lynn's sample routine

I love to talk about experimenting with schedules. I thought I'd share my personal schedule. A few posts ago, I gave out tips on how to create some new ideas to help you focus on you and your career. Check out my sample routine:

  1. Morning: This varies but on average I wake up 20-60 minutes before my girls do. IIf I work late this changes. I need time before the chaos hits. I workout or write and drink my hot coffee in the quiet! This works about 4 our out 7 days.

  2. Work Start: I try to be clear on my focus for the day. Experts have said work on the hardest task first, but I need mental clarity to shake the smallest tasks off first for 30 minutes. So, I take care of any admin like changing DR appointments, paying bills, returning calls, or adding groceries to my app for the week. Then I check my calendar, look at my values that sit on my monitor. I will reach out to colleagues or my network via text or email to get the day going.

  3. Work End: After much trial and error, I end the day the same way. I work at home often and last fall I was trying to end my work day and start dinner. Disastrous! I had no idea how much ENDING my work day would help me transition to my family life. I also plan the next day by looking at my work and family calendars (outlook and google). I clean up the piles of notes I have taken and consolidate them onto my one to do list (paper).

  4. Transition to family: I kiss my kiddos, talk about our plan for dinner and play some funky beats. Nothing boosts the mood of a household like music and a dance party. This is the most critical mind shift of my day. Everyone is hungry and tired so I hope the levity works! Some nights are easier than others and I'm not at the stage where we have kid homework or many activities, yet.

  5. Nightly: After our kids, dog, house chores are completed, I'm likely about to hit a 2nd wind. I think and plan the next days’ activities, outfits for the girls’ school day and my own work items. I love some easy breezy tv or a novel on my kindle to let my mind escape before bed.

What new routines have you tried this new school year?