Raegan Medgie - Perseverance is her middle name!- The P3

Raegan Medgie is a TV News Anchor/Reporter for FOX5 News in New York City. She started her TV journey in Allentown, PA at Service Electric TV2 News.  She then reported for WETM (NBC) in Elmira, NY, WNEP (ABC) Newswatch 16 in Scranton/Poconos, PA, The Weather Channel and CBS2 in New York.

She's from Bethlehem, PA but lives in New York City.  When not chasing news or storms, she's spending time nurturing her relationships with loved ones, sipping excellent coffee and finding ways to protect animals and the environment. The quote she stands by: "There are as many possibilities in the world as there are stars in the sky."


What is one piece of advice a mentor (or author or mantra) that's stuck with you?Who told you? 

"Always be you." -Al Roker, TODAY Show

Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

I find I pivot every so many years. The most memorable pivot was when I was 27 years old.  I spent college studying broadcast journalism at Temple University (Go Owls!) and during my *first* TV job, in the fourth year, I felt it wasn't for me anymore.

So I switched careers...only to realize three months later...I needed to give it a second shot.

I must have sent out nearly 100 resume tapes across the country and after a few offers, I got a "gut-feeling" about this one station...a feeling I couldn't ignore.  It wasn't the highest salary I was presented, it wasn't in the better of towns which offered me a gig...but when I went to interview, it *felt* right.

So I accepted.

I moved three hours away from home, to a different state, to a city where I didn't know anyone.  My relationship with my boyfriend (who just moved back to our hometown) turned into the second time we'd be long distance.  I'd be on my own paying rent and bills with $25,000/year salary for two years.  It was exhilarating...scary...exciting...and sad.  Eleven years later, due to perseverance, determination, grit and trusting my gut:

I am a TV News Anchor/Reporter in New York City for the local FOX affiliate, living in New York City, with a network of TV colleagues across the country at all different news stations and networks, married to that long distance boyfriend, comfortably paying high rent and bills on a nice salary.

What advice can you offer the next generation of women graduating from college? In times of pivot, trust your gut, not the voices in your head.

What's one word that describes your career up to this point? Perseverance.

Lynn Mull