Rebecca Korb Varey Shares Her Adventurous Career Pivots - The P3 Interview

Rebecca Varey @beccavstyle lives in Columbus Ohio with her husband and two children. She landed in her hometown after years of moving from the East to the West to the Midwest for work, school and more work. I knew Rebecca at Bucknell University and as part of the San Francisco dream chasers when we were career focused at 20 something. She just landed in a new job (hello PIVOTING) at an oncology pharmaceutical  marketing firm - that is located in Columbus and Philadelphia. I hope to grab coffee with her in PA one day soon.

We chatted at nearly 9pm one night while both of our kids were just getting bed. Quick but poignant Mom calls with someone you’ve know for 20 years is pretty freaking cool.

What’s the one piece of advice that’s stayed with you?

It’s from my Dad, literally I think about it all of the time because it applies to every job, every industry. “Being consistent every single day.” He told me to put in the effort even if you aren’t up for it. That consistency to push through the down days pays dividends down the road. But you need to have thoughtful, consistent daily actions which translates to “do your best” It’s such a simple idea but it’s stuck with me.

Tell us about a time you made a pivot?

When I was in San Francisco,  I worked for bio tech consulting. I loved my job and but I was in my early 30s and I wanted something different. So I took a leap when I quit my job in Indy to get my MBA, it felt like a big move. I took the chance to move to the midwest to MBA to break  into fashion and apparel. I landed an internship as a buyer at Target and then a full time roll on the team after that summer. Being a buyer was so very different than what I had done; different industry, different working with creatives. During that time in my career I was single and engaged and it was the most focused I’ve ever been. Looking back I would have regretted not being in the fashion industry.

How did that pivot change your personal life?

It changed my life in every way! I was single when I left San Francisco. Leaving the city helped me slow me down in a good way to focus on what’s important.  Stepping into school focused my career and what I wanted to do with my MBA. It was there that I met future husband and everything changed.

What advice for working moms?

The first advice is finding the right partner in life that has the same goals and plans to raise a family. the only way I can make it work is a partnership with my husband. We always check in  “This is what I need, what do you need?” That constant communication helps us balance everything at home and at work. The second piece of advice is Don’t feel guilty going back to work.

What’s one work to describe your career up to this point? Adventurous.

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