Jen Miller- The double pivot-The Purposeful Pivot

Jen and I were lucky to overlap while on campus at Lewisburg, PA. Jen moved to Denver and I've been following her journey from teacher to now real estate guru in the sunny mountain town.  Jen is not afraid to make changes and hit her career goals! 

Jen decided to leave teaching for real estate at the end of the 2018 school year. Why, well she told me, "I've been thinking about it for a few years and being encouraged by my dad and step mom, who is in real estate as well. I ultimately craved more control over my career and love to be around people and help them. Seeing cool houses and designs are a great perk too. 

What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you? Who told you? Don't be scared to reach out of your comfort zone 

 Name a time that you pivoted in your career? I've pivoted twice now. Event planner to teacher and now teacher to real estate agent but both careers fit nicely into real estate and greatly benefit my skills now. 

How did it change your life and where you are today at work and home? It has created new opportunities for me in my career and kept me from getting stale/frustrated and bored in my life which helps both at work and at home 

What advice can you offer the next generation of working moms? Follow your passion and don't ever feel stuck in any job or situation. You are stronger than you think. Just believe in yourself

"What's one word that describes your career up to this point" Evolving!


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Lynn Mull