Jen Myers Keating- The Purposeful Pivot Project - Control your own Destiny

Jen was my college freshman roommate in room 323 on Bucknell University’s campus. She was a star swimmer and I was a volleyball player who tagged out after I hurt my back. What I know Jen: Her spirit is strong, her passion is contagious, she’s the life of the party and a boss-mom-wife-friend-daughter-sister. She has worked at several large financial firms, an alternative investment fund and now a real estate investment fund. Her career and life pivots come as a surprise to those looking at her from a distance, but to those close to her, we know she’s using the latest skill she’s learned to leap!

+What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you?

"You control your destiny."   Six months into my first job out of college, I took a chance and asked a very senior person to consider ME, should they ever need someone in my role in the San Francisco office.  This woman was scary enough as it was...and she just stared at me, silent for a few moments and then said.  "Good. For. You.   I would have never guessed that you had a desire to relocate had you not said something.  You control your destiny.  You have to always ask for what you want."     She approved a transfer after I gave her 6 more months in NYC.   Her advice to "ask for what I want" has allowed me to control my own destiny and navigate myself through a 20 + year career in Finance.  Professionally, I learned early on how to ASK someone for their business.  Personally, I have asked for things that many of us hope for silently....promotions, raises and flexibility.    I may not have always gotten the answer I wanted when I have asked for something.   At a minimum, asking opened up a dialogue when I could better understand the path to how I could get to that sale, promotion, raise etc.

+ Name a time that you pivoted in your career?     4 Years ago.  I was 10 years into working for a fast paced multi-strategy alternative asset management firm with three little babies at home.  The culture was cut throat.   On top of that, I traveled all the time, worked late and felt like I was failing both at home and at work.   I felt like my work life was not sustainable for the family life I desired.   I knew that it didn't have to be this way and that there had to be a better place for me.  I was ready to pivot - not change my career, but pivot to a place that focused on one investment strategy and valued both me and my family.  Through my network, I met the partners of my current Firm, and I work remotely most of the time from my home office.

+How did it change your life and where you are today at work and home?   I'm much happier!  I work just as hard but much more productively.

+ What advice can you offer the next generation of working moms?     ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT!  Use the feedback to figure out how best to navigate from there.  

------>>>>>"What's one word that describes your career up to this point"      Focused


Lynn Mull