Katie Kurtz- I gave myself an open ended permission slip - The Purposeful Pivot Project

Katie never talks about the weather and last time we spoke she asked me how my heart was! She's warm, funny, honest and pushing the limits with her company, the www.soulconnectmovement. You can find her teaching yoga, creating or chatting on her podcast @thehumanhour. I am just trying to keep up with this friend!

+What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you?

I remember sitting in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere Ohio sipping on kombucha and chatting with @JackiCarr at a @RockYourBliss retreat at the beginning of 2017.  I was only a few months into the launch of my business. So many ideas running wild and my creative energy bursting.  I remember telling Jacki how I just want to be "there" you know-that sweet spot.  Jacki put her hand on my shoulder and said, "girl, allow yourself to enjoy the beginning, it only comes once".  A really sweet reminder and reality check to be present and in it. In that moment I gave myself an open ended permission slip to embrace exactly where I am at.  

+Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

The biggest pivot I have made would be the decision to start my own business and give life to my dream while still maintaining my full time job.  It was a pivot in that I finally got real with my own BS and gave myself permission to begin. I embraced the timing of my life and decided to feel the fear and do it anyways. I am still working a full time job and plan to continue. But as I evolve and my business evolves, I know that I will be making more pivots in my career. 

+How did it change your life and where you are today at work and home?

It changed my life and continues to in so many ways! My business is unique in that it's me behind each offering so I always have to be in tune with who I am and where I am coming from. Therefore, I have to commit to doing the work. I believe in the work so I am always in it and I also try to share as much of what that looks like as possible with my community. I embrace my humanness and am constantly evolving so my business will in turn do that as well.  this entrepreneur journey has really pushed me to look at my many fears right in the face and reclaim my power.  It challenges me every day and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

+What advice can you offer the next generation of working women just leaving college?

3 things: 1) Be yourself. Take time to invest in yourself. Hire a coach, take a class, sign up for an online program.  Get to know who you are and what you want to create with this one precious life you have. And then get real with yourself and the fear that is holding you back from turning that daydream into a reality.  2) Allow yourself to explore what lights you up.  Uncover what excites you, gives you that electric surge of passion. And then let that light your way.  This isn't your practice life, this is all we've got-so we might as well find the thing that we get excited doing and do it.  It may not be your full time job, it may not even make you money, but you'll never know until you try it. Lastly, 3) surround yourself with people who get it. Take an inventory of the people in your life and decide who are the people who are the fan club of your dreams.  If you don't have any, find them.  Get out of your comfort zone and start connecting with like-hearted people. 

+"What's one word that describes your career up to this point"——- DYNAMIC! There's never a dull moment and it has certainly tamed my Virgo perfectionist tendencies.  I have learned so much about myself in this process and have grown so much just by meeting each moment with an open mind, a lot of passion and hard work.  It's always evolving and I love that. 

Lynn Mull