Jenny Lynn Wood -That call changed my life and opened a door to so much gratitude and wonder. THE PURPOSEFUL PIVOT PROJECT -

Jenny is a soulful creator living in Los Angeles, California. She teaches intuitively-sequenced, prop-focused private yoga, curates custom healing crystal sets, rocks co-hosting the @letsbenakedpodcast and cultivates the ever-growing tribe over at @rockyourbliss. When she isn’t hustling with heart, she can be found at the local coffee shop drinking a latte, at home reading her stack library books and watching endless movies with her husband. 

+What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you? Who told you? I don’t think it was career advice, but my Granny always told me that I would find my way. For a long time, I had no idea what she meant, no idea how to find it and no idea where I was going. In losing her, it has all become much more clear. I am finding my way by trusting the small (and sometimes whisper quiet) voice in my heart and by taking it one step at a time. I trust her words more every single day. 

+Name a time that you pivoted in your career? My mom was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer almost three years ago, when I got the call, I immediately knew the job I was in wasn’t worth my valuable time, soul energy, precious resources or mental attention. I walked in the next day, handed in my resignation, and moved home to help my mom heal. That decision came directly from a deeply intuitive place and it was the first time in a long time that I listened. Now, I work from home, for my mom, for my friends at Rock Your Bliss and am thriving in my own business crafting curated crystal sets and teaching private yoga. That call changed my life and opened a door to so much gratitude and wonder. I don’t know if I would have leaped without it. 

+How did that pivot change your personal/home life? That pivot opened space for me to embrace my natural and intuitive gifts. It opened up the possibility of being in relationship with myself again and also begin to focus my resources on the things that light me up, the people I deeply care about and the things I want to create to change the world. It basically changed EVERYTHING. 

What advice can you offer the next generation of working women just leaving college? Love yourself to trust your gifts. Find ways to honor your creative unfolding and know that you have something powerful to offer in whatever career you choose. The world needs you and your unique expression. 

Last question. Answer it 'rapid fire' style the first thing that comes to mind! ------>>>>>"What's one word that describes your career up to this point"——- GRATEFUL

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