The Purposeful Pivot Project with Dr. Naomi Arbit - "I followed my heart to study what I love"

Naomi Arbit - A PHd, a Nutrionist, A Powerhouse in bringing her education to a level we can all relate to in the NYTimes 52 Hours at Breakup Boot Camp.  I was lucky to meet this gorgeous smartie at Minds At Work in Cambridge. She's electric. @dr_naomi_arbit

What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you? Who told you?

A friend once told me I should never give unsolicited advice. That prompted me to realize that many of the arguments I'd had with my family and loved ones came from doing just that, so learning to lay off and let go of my need to "fix" people has made a HUGE difference, and has allowed our relationships to develop and deepen much more meaningfully. 

Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

So many times. But the biggest pivot was quitting my job as a Wall Street Analyst to go back to school and study bioethics. I didn't know where my path was headed, but I knew the one I'd been on was a dead end, so I followed my heart and tried to do what I love (which is study what I really care about). It wasnt easy and it wasnt linear from that point, but ultimately that move set me up for where I am now.  

How did it change your life and where you are today at work and home?

Well it took many years to find a stable, steady life, and I spent 10 years in graduate school, working my way through it to support myself and get valuable job experience.  Ultimately I got my PhD in behavioral science and became a coach, and now I work at a company as a behavioral scientist and feel lucky to have a job where I get to bring positive psychology and coaching to people at companies across the U.S.


What advice can you offer the next generation of working moms?

For working moms, I'd say not to forget about self care! If you're working a job and raising kids, then you're basically working double duty, and the quickest thing to be sacrificed is often self care. But try to weave in self care whenever you can, and think of it as an example you can set for your kids. 

For moms re-entering the workforce, I'd say to find something that interests you and try it on - volunteer, get an internship, do whatever you have to do to start gaining some expertise and a network in the area you want to get into. It's hard to go from point A to Z overnight, so don't be afraid to embrace the mindset of a learner and start fresh. 

Last question. Answer it 'rapid fire' style the first thing that comes to mind! 

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