Leticia Ringe- "Get to know who you are first and foremost."

I attended Take the Leap Workshop this spring hosted by none other than Leticia Ringe and Kelly Trach. Leticia is effervescent, warm and powerful with a twist of love. Her company, Create a Life That is Beautiful, helps clients live a life that is healthy, happy and fulfilled. I wanted to learn more and interviewed Leticia on a summer day.

//What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you? Who told you?

The first thing that comes to mind is: “Practice not perfection”!Jess Lively talks leaving perfection behind on her podcasts. This phrase changed the game for me. I was a lawyer early on in my career. Attaining perfection was always a goal, which was not alignment with my purpose. ‘Practice not perfection’ allowed me to practice, try things and test the waters which I could use as as my guide as to what to do next in my career and life. I’m constantly reminding myself that I can practice.

During any new shift, I keep telling myself ‘practice not perfection’. With every shift I notice mindset blunders, fears and can get blocked. I know now that I can take one step at a time, be in the momentum cycle rather than the finished product. We cannot live in that cycle if we are striving for perfection.

As I battled and still battle perfectionism, ‘Practice Not Perfection’ helped me move forward rather than get stuck.  Remember, a pivot could be a mindset shift. If we start with abundant thinking and add the mantra ‘practice not perfection’, there is a link to moving through a creative cycle.But if you come from scarcity mindset, you put pressure on a situation or career and then there is way too much riding on it! Abundance gives you the opportunities to fail, which gives opportunities to pivot.

//Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

My biggest pivot was when I left being a lawyer after 8 years in the industry. There were signs it wasn’t the right fit but I ignored the signs that kept saying  “this isn’t what I should be doing”. When my body gave up I stopped and gave up, I had no choice but to listen to my intuition. Initially I had to get to know my own intuition. This pivotal time was a period of getting to know myself.

The pivot wasn’t immediate. Leaving the corporate world was just was my first change in direction. First, I pivoted to consulting and then coaching. When quit being a lawyer, I started the journey from the inside out rather than the outside in. Up until then I was looking outside with my family and friends. I felt like I constantly needed prove myself or attain perfection. For me, it was status thing. I wanted to be the person who went to university, took the great job and progressed up the ladder.  I had good intentions but it wasn’t the best way for me. At the time, that pivot was hard for me to accept. I was good at being a lawyer. I was on the road to senior manager.

//How did this pivot impact your personal life?

My personal life when through a tumultuous time because of that career pivot. I was afraid of what everyone would think. Everyone thought I was ‘set’ at the law firm. I had a lot of guilt leaving  the job that had me on the right track to senior associate. There was no plan B.

There was tension at first because I was still hiding who I really was and what I wanted to work on. I had one foot in one foot out mentally and emotionally.

Since I have moved into coaching alignment our home life is fantastic and so different. With every couple there is friction especially at time of expansion. My partner said during the pivot it was walking on eggshells. What’s exciting to me is that everyone notices the change. My hometown friends in Sydney (Leticia lives in London now) think I’m a whole new person.

When we cannot express ourselves. It’s hard to find authentic selves.

//What advice can you offer the next generation of working women just leaving college?

My advice-take space! Get to know who you are first and foremost. Think about “What am I interested in?  What what causes do I support? What am I good at?” all before committing to university or a career path. It important to make friends with uncertainty so you can live in alignment.

Last question. Answer it 'rapid fire' style, stating the first thing that comes to mind!

------>>>>>"What's one word that describes your career up to this point---  INSPIRING!

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Lynn Mull