Jessica Edwards- you always have a choice

Jess Edwards has been a huge influence in my own coaching practice. Hell, she got me certified! From her hard-hitting-soft-landing questions,  to the laughs we've shared about real life, Jess is a friend. She doesn't stop there, she co-founded @achievingalchemy to help gather women to find the perfect mix of life, career, passion and purpose. She wants you to know your luscious life is waiting. Check out our chat below.

//What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you?

It's that you always have a choice. One of my therapist colleagues at Lyra shared this with me in the context of some of the coaching work I was doing and it's such a helpful perspective to have across life. Even when it feels like we are completely out of options, we are still choosing something. To stay in the job, a steady paycheck, to listen to the saboteurs, etc. If you start to look at your life from the perspective of what choices do I really have and what choices am I making, it's incredibly powerful.

//Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

I pivoted when I was an account services manager and moved into human resources. I was new to account services but very early on, I knew wasn’t right but I had just moved in with my boyfriend. In order to keep pivoting, I went to graduate school to focus on Organizational Development and Communication. One thing I knew for sure was that  I loved the company I was at but I wanted to to move into Human Resources.

I decided to ask for the job I wanted in Organizational Development. I did all of the right things but the job wasn’t open. I started to look for jobs outside and nothing was fitting.

I went back to my boss and declared “ I wanted to find a way to make a job here work’. Once I committed, i got a call soon after that an Organizational Development Job had opened up. I used my grad school and knowledge of the firm to pivot. The back and forth took about a year until the shift ultimately happened but when I truly committed to it, the universe opened up.

//How did it change where you are today at work and home?

Organizational Development was aligned to my values and what I wanted to do long term. The job resonated and I was so good at. It brought me to coaching.  I noticed that only Vice Presidents and above were getting coaching. What about leadership fundamentals across the firm and all levels? I signed up for CTI certification. Knowing that the firm wasn’t putting their money where their mouth was on development, I decided to leave and go out on my own.

There is a formula to my pivots, in a way: Commitment & Pivot, Leads me to an alignment in my life and work.

Achieving Alchemy is a partnership with Sarah Young and the theme is living in alignment to allow for magic to happen.

//What advice would you give the next generation of women coming into the workforce?

Listen to yourself and the internal guidance. You can breathe into it, run, journal, talk to others to hear that gut instinct. If you tune into it, which can be the hardest part, your emotions are telling you something. Your internal voice always knows.  The bottom line--Getting in touch with internal compass will guide you. Let go of the titles, the resume, the money. The more you trust yourself, the easier the journey, the quicker things happen.

Last question--answer it 'rapid fire' style the first thing that comes to mind ------->>>>>"What's one word that describes your career up to this point" FLOWING!

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