The Purposeful Pivot Project - Jess Davis "The world is always on, you must self regulate. "

On one rainy day in August, I got a huge ray of sunshine when I interviewed @jessedavisnyc the founder of @folkrebellion and the hashtag #digitalwellness and #analogasfolk.  Folk rebellion is on a mission because the believe society can live well with technology through a more informed, balanced, mindful, and question-everything approach. Folk Rebellion offerings range from the printed Dispatch to retreats to intensive coaching.

//What is one piece of advice a mentor told you that's stuck with you?

The book that has stuck with me is The Digital Divide. This series of essays is what I used to establish the direction of that I wanted for Folk Rebellion.

The Mantra I live by is “the difference between and adventure and ordeal is attitude.”  A client once told me that she saw stumbling blocks and I do the cha-cha on those same blocks. 

// Name a time that you pivoted in your career?

I have a few. Like to put everything in a cheese grater. The yucky stuff falls out of the grater and good stuff is on top. Plus, I love cheese! I left career as brand strategist with a specialist in digital marketing. But I used all of my evil marketing prowess to launch Folk rebellion. It’s important to realized that without health and wellness you cannot have digital wellness.

Folk rebellion had business pivot recently. I was on a lucrative path developing Folk Rebellion as a lifestyle brand with a large apparel shop.  I was creating apparel with sayings, quotes and fresh designs. Instead of working on my true passion and original mission, I was spending  all of the time with buyers and wholesalers. After I realized the business was shifting, I shut down that side of business. .

I wanted to return to educating  others on how to make behavioral changes, live more connected. I launched a print magazine to education on the benefits of slow media, slow content. I develop slow content to reduce the click bait articles out there.

//How did it change your life and where you are today at work and at home?

I had to look at myself and how I'm living. My son was really young. I feel fortunate to make changes early on to be able to make make edits in our home without him realizing what he is missing out on.

I recognized that 2D objects are swallowing my ability to live in 3D. Everything in my house from music to communication to checking the time were on a device.  

I  pushed back on 2D  make space in my house. I used to be a photographer and I love music. Several years ago, I had gotten rid of CDs, albums, magazines because everything was on an ipad,  I consciously decided to re-introduce analog versions of music and writing and art. The. less power I gave devices to more space I had at home. It’s become a  fun tradition with my son to look for the vintage record store no matter where we are. It creates memories and souvenirs. Photography is less about everyday life and more fine art photography, which is what I went to school for. I also re-subscribed to 10 publications and my son gets his own publications,too.

It was really about setting boundaries as the lines of work blurred into my house. My son couldn’t recognize if I was working while I was looking at my phone or looking at a video. Now, my work is on a laptop, pleasure is on my phone. I keep to a set of work hours. Time Blocking your day is critical to living with those boundaries.

// What advice can you offer the next generation of working women graduating from college? There are two pieces of advice I want to share

One, "Don't give yourself a qualifier. There are many titles out there like, Women Empower/ Mom-preneur/ She-EO. But they are qualifiers, Identify yourself as a professional. I don't know a man who uses the term 'boyboss or He-EO”. Don't undersell yourself with any labels.  

And two, as hard as you work and hustle, take that time for yourself away from the hustle. The world is always on, you must self regulate. Hustle can fill all of the hours in the day. There is research to show that more females are suffering from  extreme burnout at a young age. Yes, you must hone your craft, network, work and step up. You also need . learn how to step away take time for you.

Last question. Answer it 'rapid fire' style the first thing that comes to mind! ------>>>>>"What's one word that describes your career up to this point" Wild!

Lynn Mull