Nervous about networking? Five steps for success.

In person networking in your community and with friends will never be replaced. We all spend time online – linkedin, ladders, Instagram, facebook ….—but following up with someone face to face on zoom, over coffee, in meetings or during a weekend play date is where real connections happen.

Tips for successful melding of online and in person connecting.

  1. After you connect online, have a meeting, make sure you follow up with a thank you email or invite them to an event that you discussed. Thoughtful gestures are not the norm. Stand out!

  2. Send an article you’ve been reading with a quick line about what your friend might learn from the author

  3. Inquire about their [goal or event] they mentioned last time

  4. Check in with a ‘hello, thinking of you because [something that reminded you of them or your last conversation].

  5. Email, linkedin,texts are all simple ways to check in that take very little time if spread out a little each week of the month.

Name 4 people you will follow up with this month. That’s one person a week. Can you commit to that? I can!

Lynn Mull