Rituals, traditions and your career.

When we are school age we have routines based on our school day and after school activities and sports. In adulthood we are left floating to figure things out on our own.

Daily or weekly routines can get us rooted in purpose and achievement when all hell breaks loose in other parts of our lives. I can rattle of a few disruptions to my schedule right now because they are happening in my life this week alone;’ weather, kids, sick kids, work travel, school activities, unexpected house projects.


1-Find a routine that works for you, most days and most weeks. The routines might need to change by season, if you aren’t living in a sunny spot. Don't stress if you cannot live these routines every day of the week.

2-Experiment with your work start-and-end-schedules first. Then really take note of your ‘home’ mornings and evenings. I still get caught up on blogs and articles at night if I’m not careful. A midnight bedtime is no longer OK for me; I have to be aware of changing up my routines at bed.

3- Determine what works for you and your lifestyle and your family. My hubby did not appreciate some of the things I experimented with, including my snooze button!