Are you putting everyone else first?

Are you putting everyone else first? Are your dreams riding in the trunk?
Guilty as charged! I put corporate travel above all else. I put friends and family before my own health. I made more of an effort to see friends than they ever reciprocated. And I was exhausted and not fulfilled. 

Any of these sound familiar?
+ You have an idea for a new book.
+ You want to launch a business with your college friend.
+ You have been talking to everyone who will listen
+ You are ready to start a web design business.
+ You and your spouse keep talking about a collaboration

...But you do not have time to start?!?! 🤥

I beg to differ!   You have way more time than you think. Stop giving up because you only have 10-30 minutes here and there. It adds up!

+ You make time for FB, IG, emails 
+ You have 10 minutes at pick up or drop off where you are sitting alone in a school parking lot (that's at least 50 minutes a week but more like 120 minutes!)
+ You watch TV 4 +nights a week. 
+ You make multiple stops at  each week 

Must haves for YOU to take that big idea LIVE: [These work for me!]
+ Carpooling, mother’s helpers, babysitters, bartering for childcare with neighbors.  Get serious about finding four hours a week to network, write, get your idea off the ground. 
+ Write down your goal and a deadline for your project.  Writing shit down makes it REAL. 
+ Taking 15 minutes a day to pause for yourself. Clarity is the main ingredient for creativity. 
+ Saying NO (gasp!) to 1 out of every 4 invites for you, your family, and your kids. Create the time because no one else cares about your dreams except you. 
+ Scheduling the pro-active DR appointments. You are useless if you are sick.  Take it from the daughter of someone who could have prevented colon cancer by getting checked at recommended age, this is critical! Taking care of you means a clear mind and body to regulate the stress of your side hustle or new main hustle!
+ Get started. Buy that domain name, the @handle, write, talk, brainstorm your ideas.
+ Start doodling your logo, your LinkedIn profile, your offerings. If you are ready to jump into 2019 with a new personal brand that is polished to the max, join me on January 17 at Taylor-Made Polish in Easton. 

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