Workspace & the Entrepreneur life

Confession: I'm always cold and I am bundled up in my home office 3/4 of the year unless it's 70 outside. I dream of summer.

But the saying is, "cold hands, warm heart"! My heart has softened now that I'm a small business owner. I get in the weeds with clients about their lives and livelihood! I am so flipping energized by coaching, leadership and self development. Doubt my dedication to learning, and I'll show you my audible downloads!

Know what I wasn't dedicated to? My workspace. For the last 5.5 years I've been managing to work from a spot in our bedroom near our closets. In the fall, whent he girls started school again, my hubs moved my office from our bedroom to the true office, I've got a new view. I have a new perspective on my work because I'm no longer waking up looking at my computer and stewing over that to do list. I have a bay window to invite sun and the weather inside, a 'creative' chair, a bookcase filled with love marks! Summer, you'll return eventually, right?

A work space is one of the most critical part of an entrepreneurial's mental set up. What's your ideal space?

Workplace Routines and Intentions:
+ I have decided to clean up every Friday afternoon to clear out my head and space before the weekend starts. I give myself a high five on the week's accomplishments. #champagnmoment

+ Sick of boring walls, I have curated TWO art walls One wall is for an old fashion cork board for moving inspo - kid pics (why I do this), kid art (keeps it fun, in the moment), notes, inspiration (the moon goddess and yoga poses). One look at art can create a whole post.

+ My "creative chair" aka leather high-back is my mini escape without leaving my office. I've never had a new idea typing on my computer, it is where I execute on my ah has. 
Every-time I step away from my screens, flashes of inspo turn into creativity. It's heavenly to have that chair next to my stuff but not in it.

Getting Design Help:
+ I asked Zan Farrow, a Cali girl turned Texan, to help me re-think my new office. Look at her style at! Pinterest is great place to start but a true designer who gets the entrepreneur workspace life is even better.
+ Zan and I are including you in our home office fun starting January 2nd. We'll be sharing intentional designs for the entrepreneurs' workspace each week in Jan. 

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can see what Zan Farrow's up to or share images of what you are doing in your home office and blaze your own trail! #Giveaways are happening

Tag #intentseries with your workspace photos. Any pets captured get bonus points!

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