Ginna Larson - Learning to say No and Never looking back.

“Never compromise on a dream.  Always compromise on how it will come true.” – Mike Dooley

If someone had told Ginna Larson 10 years ago she’d be living the life she has today, she would have said they were crazy.  

Ginna is a former corporate ladder-climbing addict turned financial and lifestyle coach.  After earning 2 degrees from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and over 25 years in various sales and marketing leadership roles, she finally came into alignment with her time, money and how she gets paid.

 Today she is living a beautiful life in the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado where balances her corporate career with being a mom to 2 amazing daughters, a wife to her childhood sweetheart and a thriving personal coaching business where she helps other professional women uncover the time, money and health needed to lead their best life.

One piece of my life doesn’t define Ginna, instead, she sees it as part of the larger puzzle.

Tell me the time you said no in a significant way?

“I’ve said no many times but within my career, I’ve said no to Leadership positions over and over again. I’m seen for my skills of selling and leading so I often get asked to take a promotion. I don’t want to lead a sales team at this stage in my life, I just want to sell. This is shocking to most people, but I know there is more.

What are you saying Yes to?

“I have a passion for helping professional women who are bettering themselves to get ahead and get promotions and salary increases. I’ve noticed that with many high income women, they lack financial literacy. They do not know what’s coming in and out. So in a way, I’m having my coaching clients look at the details each month and asking them “what can you say no to”  Subscriptions are a great example of that.”

How do you clients feel when they start saying no to being financially blind?

“Many of them feel trapped by finances but they don’t have to feel that way. They just need to know what their financial situation is. Having awareness and some knowledge creates choices. People think they have the photo but they don’t have it.

I’m not an investor but I help women create a positive mindset around money sot hat they can make life changes in their career, location, where they vacation after they know what the big picture is. At every stage of life, Your financial habits are right there.”

You work a full time job, run a business and have a family. How do you do it?

“My alarm goes off at 4.45am because I’m a morning person and that’s my workout time or meditation/journal time. I have also create clear and consistent boundaries at work. They aren’t hard and fast but always consistent. I have specific hours I’m in the office every day, specific hours I work from home. That means I say no to work happy hours, internal work lunches and birthdays.

How does it feel to say no?

POWERFUL. In the last couple of years, I got so clear on what I wanted. I no longer have FOMO about saying no to a girls’ night out or missing an event. Those closest to me get that I want to have quality time at home and they don’t peer pressure me, but some still wonder why I don’t always say yes to everything. I am OK with my decisions so I do not feel peer pressure. I know my truth so I don’t absorb their negativity.

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