Comparing. Is. Exhausting.

One of the nagging voices in my head, I’ll call her Comparison Queen, is always worried about everyone else.  Do you have a voice that looks at Instagram and wonder how that friend landed that perfect job?

Comparing yourself to others holds you back. Period.  It’s natural to admire others but we all know social media has magic dust on it so everything looks shiny and perfect. 

Let’s sum up these nagging career comparison in your life:

1.   If you pick your head up from your instagram scroll, what characteristics are you most jealous of?

2.   Is there a common theme?

3.   How would you design your work differently? [please reference that handy list values now]

4.   What can you be grateful that you are learning in your current job?

5.   If your comparison inner critic is screaming at your daily, there is a good chance you are judging others and yourself. This is a downward spiral to negativity. I recommend reading Gabby Bernstein’s Judgement Detox book!

If you persist in comparing and judging it's hard to show up for your next job phase with focus. Clear out these voices, first. They should be muted just not so darn loud.

Lynn Mullcoach, career