5 Day Career Blitz - Reflecting to Take Action

Happy Monday and Happy October!

Clients tell me they are stuck and unable to make progress.

Let’s start this week by taking 10 minutes a day to think through what is next. If the word career isn’t the work for you, replace it with business or job or role if that makes more sense.

Research shows that writing down goals means you are 3x’s as likely to hit them. This exercise won’t take long but it will have a high impact. (Like those new High Impact Low Intensity Workouts, this is a HILT for your career future.)

How to:

  1. Complete each day’s prompt below.

  2. When you get lost in the grind and unable to see a way forward, look at this sheet.

  3. Take Friday’s prompt to challenge yourself to do a RADICAL ACTION.

+Monday: write 3 people whose career you admire... 

+Tuesday: what's your top skill?

+Wednesday: name your dream job.

+Thursday: re-engage- name 3 people you need to reach out to?

+Friday:  What challenge can you take on next week to get to that dream job?

My Redwood Leadership Shop has the Worksheet as a Free Download.

Tell me what you find out in this week!

Lynn MullComment