Create Career Goals with Intention

Forget resolutions, start with intentions and goals! 

Intentions are your purpose, your plan, your objective behind each goal. Getting rooted in why you are creating goals makes them all the more achievable. You might do the following for career first!

Goal and Intention writing.

  1. Get out pen or a blank doc online and draw four columns. Create a why statement for your career, play,love and health parts of your life.

  2. Next to each intention statement write a goal for career, play, love and health

  3. Create a timeline for each goal

  4. Does your goal align to each purpose statement? if not, try again!

For example, my career goal is create coaching and workshops to help inspire women to design their career plan that aligns to their best selves. My love and play intentions center around 'lightness'; less material stuff, less shopping and more fun and laughter every day. Health intentions are to create holistic balanced mind and body wellness.

What are your intentions for your career? health? love? play? Create THE purposeful statement for each area of your life and align every goal. Don't create a goal that does not make your heart sing.  What's the point? it will be a struggle the entire way to failure.


Lynn Mull