I’m Lynn, your Career Milestone Coach.

 + I believe that we pivot multiple times in our careers due to milestones (hello quarter life and mid life crisis...) or due to life events (marriage, babies, loss of a loved one, getting laid off...). I want to help you through that pivotal time in your career.

 +After countless years in the corporate financial services world, I can relate to wanting a change. I’ve lived in more than seven locations for work, I’ve coped with balancing work with a growing family and an ill mother and I also know what it’s like to wake up and not know which way you want to go in your career.  I have had more than 30 bosses in my lifetime- that's a lot of change for one person at work, let alone at home, too. I have been on planes, trains and automobiles for projects and mergers. I have always known in my heart that ‘it didn’t have to be this way at work.’

 +I took a step back in 2015 re-evaluated my career, asked for more flexibility and got certified as a Career Coach. I want to help you work through the messy times when you need someone to walk beside you as you make a transition. My style is bold with many intuitive insights. I like to say I’m east coast on the outside with a west coast heart. Call me a friend, a coach, a teacher or your mentor!

 +When I’m not listening to leadership books, I love reading fiction, drinking margaritas on the rocks with great Mexican food and visiting the Shores of Nantucket, Stone Harbor and of course, Northern California and those Redwood Trees with my husband and two daughters.




+ I’m 6’1 which is awesome for volleyball but not great on airplane seats!

+ My girlfriends live all over the country and span for 20 - 50 years old. I have always had a circle that I call, text or meet up with from all areas of my life. (college, SF, nyc, mom-hood, work projects)

+ Summer is my favorite season. I’ll travel on long weekends all year to find sun.

+ I waited until I was 36 to have my first baby, 38 when I had my 2nd daughter and it was the perfect timing for us.

+ My love of east coast beaches and west coast lifestyle knows no boundaries




+ Clarity. Redwood Leadership is named after Marin County, CA where I would run, hike and walk with friends or alone to breathe fresh air as well as to find peace, clarity, motivation.  I lived in San Francisco from 2000- 2008.

+ Community. Redwood trees grow in a circle.  Just like our role in our community, each redwood has a role to protect, provide nutrients or shade to the other trees. When the elder trees die, the leave nutrients in the ground that the saplings use to grow. What a powerful ecosystem!

+ Rooted. Each tree has roots up to six feet deep, strongly planted, like our own personal value systems. I have a love of all things tall.

+ Growth. The rings on a tree tells a story of each year and season of life. As each redwood tree moves from a sapling to a mature tree they use the water and nutrients available in that season and year.  We could draw your own career rings as an art project!

+ Success. Our mission is to work with clients and teams to understand the past, future and the now to create the best career for you. Nurture you. Nurture your career. Brave the elements to succeed!